How To Use A Mandoline Slicer To Make French Fries

How To Use A Mandoline Slicer To Make French Fries
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Using a mandoline slicer is a super easy way to cut your veggies down to size for soups, salads, fried foods, and more! In fact, once you own a mandoline slicer, you’ll start to find that you can use it for nearly any recipe in your arsenal. And it’ll save you tons of time.

One particularly way to use a mandoline slicer is to use it to make French fries! There are tons of different ways to make French fries, but many home cooks have found that making French fries is easiest with a mandoline to assist.

Let’s learn how to do it!

What Is A Mandoline Slicer?

The first thing you need to know is what a mandoline slicer is.

A mandoline slicer is a piece of kitchen equipment that sits at an angle. The table-like surface has knives in it, so when you push your vegetable up to it at an angle, it cuts the foot and allows the cut pieces to drop onto the table below. Basically, it does your slicing for you, and it does it very quickly.

People typically use mandolines for the following:

  • Thin slices of any vegetable
  • Rapidly cutting veggies
  • Creating uniform cuts for perfect plating
  • Shredding leafy vegetables like cabbage or lettuce quickly
  • Creating square cuts for foods like veggie chips and French fries
  • And much more!

How you use your mandoline is up to you. There are dozens of different ways to make good use of this tool; how you use it is only limited by your imagination!

How To Use A Mandoline Slicer To Make French Fries

How To Use A Mandoline Slicer To Make French Fries

Now that you know what a mandoline slicer is, let’s get into the real issue here: how to use a mandoline slicer to make French fries.

The key to making good French fries is uniform cuts. Why? Because they will fry evenly this way. The uniform cuts prevent some French fries from being totally soggy while others are perfectly crisp. When they’re evenly cut, they all fry relatively evenly, too.

The Basic Overview

The first thing that you need to remember is that there are many different kinds of French fries! From tradition stick fries to waffle fries to chip-style French fries, you can actually cut and make them all with a mandoline.

This video gives a brief overview of the different ways that a mandoline can be used to create the cuts necessary for French fries:

The How-To

Now that you have seen the possibilities that come with the French fries you can make with a mandoline slicer, let’s break down the steps of what you need to do to successfully replicate that technique at home.

  1. Decide what kind of French fries that you want to make.
  2. Attach the appropriate blade to your mandoline in order to make the necessary. cuts 
  3. Make sure to put your mandoline at a comfortable angle and on a hard surface for safe cutting.
  4. Apply pressure to your potato with one hand and hold the mandoline in place with the other hand while cutting the pieces for your French fries.
  5. Take your time and readjust or clean the blades as needed to ensure that you are getting even cuts.
  6. Put the fry pieces in a bowl once finished. Add salt and other desired seasonings, then use two spoons to toss everything together and coat the fries evenly.
  7. Once everything is cut and seasoned, heat up your oil or oven, depending on how you are going to cook your French fries. Baking fries is a great way to keep them healthier.
  8. Cook the fries!

This how-to should help you walk through the steps of making French fries with a mandoline. Remember to use safe frying techniques if you plan to use an oil fryer to cook your French fries to crispy perfection.

Expert Tips

Using a mandoline to create French fries for the first time can be a bit scary, but don’t worry. These expert tips will help ensure that you are able to create the best fries from the very beginning.

  • Practice, practice, practice! Using a mandoline slicer is going to be a bit different than anything you’ve done before. Don’t worry if your pieces aren’t perfect right away. Try to use it as much as possible to perfect your technique.
  • Sharpen your blades regularly. If you are using your mandoline frequently, you’ll see rapid wearing of the sharpness. The blades must be very sharp for a smooth cut, so this might be something to fix if you’re having trouble getting things to cut smoothly.
  • Use a holder or pusher piece that keeps your hand farther away from the blade when possible. It’s easy to cut yourself, so safety is very important! Don’t hurt yourself just to cut more quickly.
How To Use A Mandoline Slicer To Make French Fries

Get Cooking!

Now that you know the basics of using a mandoline slicer to create delicious French fries, what are you waiting for? Grab a bag of potatoes and get frying. You’ll be delighted to discover how easy it truly is.

And let me make a quick seasoning suggestion: Try sprinkling your fries with parmesan cheese as soon as they are done baking or frying. You’ll love the results!

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