How To Change Blades On Oxo Mandoline Devices

How To Change Blades On Oxo Mandoline Devices
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Mandolines are one of the most efficient ways to chop, slice, julienne, and more with every type of vegetable that you could imagine. Whether you need to prep ingredients for a fancy salad, or you’re simply working on today’s dinner, this tool can make your entire meal prep faster.

But there is some maintenance involved in using it. You have to know how to set it up properly, and you have to know how to change the blades on the tool for the most efficient use.

Let’s learn how to change blades on OXO mandoline devices, one of the most often used devices for this purpose.

What Is A Mandoline Used For?

Mandolines are useful tools that are a very multi-purpose item in the kitchen. Most commonly, people use their mandoline slicers for the following:

  • Slicing veggies into thin strips
  • Making french or waffle fries
  • Chopping up vegetables for soup
  • Shredding cheese, cabbage, and more

There are many different ways to use a mandoline, and you’ll constantly be finding ways that using this tool makes preparing for your next meal easier than ever before.

How To Change Blades On Oxo Mandoline Devices

Why Do The Blades Need To Be Changed On A Mandoline?

You might be wondering why the blades inside of your mandoline may need to be changed or how to know if they need to be changed.

Basically put, you should think of your mandoline like a knife. The blades inside of the mandoline are responsible for how well your chopping, cutting, and slicing goes. If the blades are broken or dull, they will not cut your food effectively.

Having sharpened blades is key to fast, efficient, and uniform cutting. Changing the blades is the best way to ensure that you can make the most of your mandoline.

Another reason to change the blades is simply to create a different style cut! Machines like the OXO v-cut have different v-plates that perform different types of cuts. You can change out these v plates to have the style that you want when cutting for different purposes or cutting up different vegetables.

How Do I Know If The Blades Need To Be Changed?

There are a few key ways to know whether or not it is time for you to change the blades in your mandoline:

  • If you have owned the device for more than one year and never changed them, it is time
  • If you find it very hard to get it to create thin slices, then it is time to change the blades
  • If the food item is getting stuck and needs to be regularly cleaned for it to work effectively, it is time to change the blades

If you encounter any of these problems, it’s time to change out the blades on your mandoline!

How To Change Blades On OXO Mandoline

Now that you have learned when it is necessary to change out the blades in your mandoline, it’s time to learn how to do so!

There are a few different OXO mandolines on the market, so be sure that you follow the instructions specific to your particular mandoline. The included instructions should help you adjust the following how-to to whichever tool you own.

Here’s how to change the blade on a V-style OXO mandoline, their most popular:

  1. With the mandoline sitting on a flat surface, find the area where the v-plate blade locks into place.
  2. Lift up from the outer edge very carefully to ensure that you do not cut yourself.
  3. After lifting up, move the plate towards you to release it from its locking mechanism.
  4. Choose your new v-plate blade.
  5. At a downward angle, slide it into the side slots and then lock it into place by pushing the front down.
  6. The switch is complete.

This is all it takes to switch between blades on this particular model.

To see this method in action, check out the following video:

If you have a different style OXO tool, you will have to look at it. In most cases, these tools have a way of locking the blade piece into place. Changing it as simple as unlocking it and inserting a new blade piece into the locking mechanism.

​​​Where Can I Buy Replacement Plates?

Head to your local kitchen store or onto a favorite website that sells OXO tools to find a good replacement blade plate. Search the name of the style of mandoline you have, and then you will be able to find all the plates you could desire!

You can even find plate styles that you may not have owned before, so you will be able to do more types of cuts once you have more plates to interchange on the mandolin.

How To Change Blades On Oxo Mandoline Devices

Get Cutting!

That’s all you need to know! Now, you know how to change out the blades on your OXO mandolin to get a different cut style, a sharper cut, or more uniform pieces. Whatever the reason is that you want to change out your blades, it’s simple.

Don’t hesitate to change your blades for the best cut you can imagine. Your mandolin should be speedy and simple to use. That’s it!

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