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Bakewiki Is All About Bread!

Thanks for stopping in and checking out my about page.  Bakewiki is your number one go to spot for bread technique updates, improvised bread making tips and all bread baking affair(s). In addition, you will find the latest on baking accessories to making bread easier.  I am as passionate about breads as I am about living and if you love making some, then welcome on-board.  Bakewiki is dedicated to sharing all that pertains to bread, for all who are interested to enjoy.

I post frequent updates on the best bread techniques, the common mistakes that flaw good recipes, the machines that make it easier and most excitingly, the new recipes that are trending. I pride myself in savoring every baking moment and more so, in doing that with you.

Who I am

“Bakewiki’s mission is to encourage excellent bread making techniques by having up to date articles on new and improved bread machine reviews, accessories, and yummy recipes

Bakewiki is my passion because of my love for bread and baking in general.   This website was formed because of a need for a place to find information on bread machines,  recipes, tips, bake ware and accessories available in one central place and conveniently at your fingertips.  I do this because…

  • I love to make bread
  • I care to improve on the bread
  • I share how to make better bread with the world

Bakewiki cares about delivering you the best methods for all things related to bread and this information is revealed with all the powerful bread making tips free of charge.

What I do

Bakewiki promises to keep subscribers and users updated with the latest baking tricks and bread enhancement methods. I assist home bread lovers and bread bakers in making the bread of their desire at their convenience.

Bakewiki has been able to bridge the gap between what to do, when to do, and how to do it when it comes to the business of bread. I aim to empower every home bread baker with the best of skills to develop and bake the best loaf, utilizing a cost-free platform.

How I Do It

Bread does not have to be boring. I achieve to aim by uploading helpful articles about breads of different texture; make up, kinds and recipes. I keep everyone updated and therefore, bridge that gap between people and their ovens.

Bakewiki also provides information on the salient areas of bread baking, from the most mundane like correct ingredients, to the complex activity of kneading and most importantly, the baking process. We can help you get the bread you want, with the best recipe you want using the right methods for you.

Feel free to utilize the comment button to leave any additional topics or information you would like to see added?  Bakewiki is all about bread and if that’s your deal, leave us a message.

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